By kornelisoflook | March 15, 2010 - 1:14 pm - Posted in English, Gevleugelde Uitspraken, Verbaal Genot

Yes, but unfortunately I did not find it.

You sometimes end up frowning your eyebrows over quotes you find on the internet. I found this quote on a forum as I was trying to look for an answer on a question I had about a text processing program.

In the end I found my search, but I had to look somewhere else.

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  1. March 15, 2010 @ 19:49

    misschien meot je in het kader van het vorige artikel even de seach string controleren.

    Posted by Aad van der Wal
  2. April 3, 2010 @ 23:13

    Beste Aad zoeken naar een string doe je in de klerenkast van je geliefde en niet hier

    Posted by The Wizard

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